Healing Classes Page

Healing Classes

We offer a variety of healing classes, from beginner to advanced, including our Hands-on-Healing Program which is a professional program for those wanting to become healers.  Please see below for our various offerings or contact Crystal-Rose for further information.


Sundays, September 10, 17, and 24, 2017, from 1-3 pm

In the Healing Energy workshops, you will learn how to use your healing energy to heal yourself and how to heal others without depleting yourself of your vital energy. In these classes you will learn to:

  • Feel chakras, energy channels, the aura, and other energies with your hands
  • Tune, align and balance chakras
  • Clear out blocks in energy channels and cleanse the aura
  • Release energy cords that limit your growth, freedom, and your ability to consciously manifest your goals
  • Remove "energy whacks" that cause judgment, competition, and invalidation
  • Heal a room, car, space or other tangible objects
  • Create space for body wellness and mind-body-spiritual integration
These workshops emphasize balanced and healthy boundaries, and are a great first step for those of you considering becoming energy healers or for those of you simply wanting to heal yourselves. Abundance exchange - $75. Pre-registration recommended as space is limited. For more information, please contact.


Sundays, TBA

This is a continuation of the first Healing Energy I workshop. In Healing Energy II, you will learn how to give aura healings to others, with emphasis on understanding and respecting energetic boundaries. Abundance exchange - $75. Pre-registration recommended as space is limited. For more information, please contact.


Saturday, October 14, 2017, from 10 am - 4 pm

This workshop is an advanced workshop open to all graduates of the Crystal-Rose Hands-on-Healing program. This advanced workshop will continue our series on the DNA (vagus nerve, thymus, pineal, etc.) and focus intensively on DNA patterning, DNA programming, communicating with the DNA, the layers of the DNA, the importance of DNA in healing and ascension, DNA blueprint, and more. DNA is the pivotal aspect that allows for higher consciousness to anchor into the body and allows for ascension. Your DNA holds your Angelic Name and it is a portal to the Sacred You - the Higher Self, the I AM, and the Holy Spirit. DNA facilitates your communication and connection with God or Source. Please bring lots of water, a healthy lunch and snack, and paper and pen if you wish to take notes. The registration deadline is October 7 2017. Abundance exchange is $220 ($200 cash or $200 if you bring a table). First come, first serve if you wish to bring a table, so please sign up early.Payments after October 7 add $40.

Hands-on-Healing Program

Hands-On-Healing Program

The Crystal-Rose Hands-on-Healing Program is a year-long program in which you will learn to give healings to others while healing yourself at the same time. You will learn various healing energies, techniques, and what it means to be a healer in the new consciousness. Prerequisites are Healing Energy classes (Workshops), which will be offered prior to the Hands-on-Healing Program.

Program begins November 2, 1017.  For more information: Hands-On-Healing Program.