Readings Page

Are you looking for an answer to a question? An intuitive reading allows me to communicate directly with you at the level of Spirit and bring that information into the physical realm. Intuitive readings can answer many questions and guide you to make the right choices for your life’s purpose. All readings are recorded for your convenience and can be done in person or via the telephone.

This reading will answer your questions and provide you with information about your life’s path – the challenges and the resolutions to those challenges. Approximately 60 - 75 minutes and includes healings as appropriate. Abundance exchange $135.
A short reading is for those who just have a couple of questions or are looking for an answer to a specific situation or question. Abundance exchange $70 per 1/2-hour increment.
If you have ever wondered why you are here or why you are with the family you are with – this reading will answer those questions. We will look at why you chose to incarnate at this time, what your purpose is, and what your spiritual agreements are with your mother, father, and siblings. Approximately one hour. Abundance exchange $135.
A pregnancy/adoption reading can help you to align with and choose the being that is best suited to you (and your partner’s) energetic vibration. We will work on clearing your karma and setting your spiritual agreements with your new child in present time. Approximately one hour. Abundance exchange $135.
This reading is for you and your partner. It answers your questions about your relationship, and includes the spiritual contracts you made with each other and why. Abundance exchange $135.

Kindly provide 24-hour notice for rescheduling.
Missed appointments will be converted to a distance healing at an abundance exchange of $125.