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Program Overview

This is a special session of the Spiritual Agreements Program, and it is designed with one specific purpose: to assist you in mastering FORGIVENESS.

The actual definition of forgiveness is to give way so something can be free to move forward. Without forgiveness there is no moving forward. To the extent that you are not able to forgive yourself or others for what "they have done to you," "you have done to yourself," or, "you have done to others," you are holding yourself and others hostage and no one is free to move forward.

When we hold on to unforgiveness, we create karma. In other words, karma equals unforgiveness. If we forgive those who "have wronged us," we are not only freeing ourselves but freeing them as well, and if we don't truly forgive them, we will be stuck with them on the karmic wheel in future lifetimes. This class will help you clean up your karma now!

Forgiving something does not mean that you agree with it or condone it. The action or situation can still be very wrong, but forgiving it cuts it loose so that the energy of it is no longer attached to you. You neutralize the charge so that you are no longer hooked into it. Sometimes we hold onto old grudges for years and years and maybe even lifetimes, not even remembering exactly what started it. On a greater more global scale there is a need for forgiveness between countries, races, the masculine and the feminine.

Blame, grudges, judgment, hopelessness, victimhood, and depression are all symptoms of an inability to forgive.

For those of you not familiar with the Spiritual Agreements Program, it is a program that works not only in the daytime, but also every night in the sleep time. This program specifically targets the astral body in the dreamtime, and each night in our dreamtime we "go to school" as a group with the Ascended Masters that overlight the program. We study, learn, educate ourselves, align with our Soul's highest intent for this lifetime, and return to the body with this wisdom and information. It is then our purpose to embody this wisdom in our daytime.

In enrolling in the Forgiveness Spiritual Agreements Program, you are stating your intent to become aware of your Soul's greater purpose for this lifetime and to live that purpose. You are claiming your intention to "know thyself" in the fullest possible way.

This program is hosted by the Ascended Masters Yeshua and Mary Magdalene; the Archangels - Michael and Faith, Jophiel and Christine, Uriel and Aurora, Gabriel and Hope, Chamuel and Charity, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Raphael and Mother Mary, and Metatron and Sandalphon; and Mother Earth, and you will work with this team and our group every night in your dreamtime and also during your awake time.

The program is three months in duration and consists of meetings every other week, along with meeting every night in our dreamtime. The program begins on June 8, 2017, with a session to set the energy and vocalize our intentions, and concludes on August 17, 2017, with a session to review and dissolve the program. All meetings are from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. Enrollment is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

The deadline for submittal of program enrollment requirements is June 1, 2017.

Enrollment Requirements

To be accepted into the program participants must:

  • Perform a personal ceremony (including your Soul-self and Higher-self in this ceremony) committing to the duration of the program and becoming clear about your intentions. Let me be clear, you are making this commitment to your Higher Self.
  • Provide a short summary to Crystal-Rose listing personal intentions for the program and expressing personal commitment to the program.
  • Provide abundance exchange.

Deadline for submittal of enrollment requirements is June 1, 2017.

After acceptance into the program, participants will be provided with a meditation to assist in clarifying and anchoring their intentions. This should be performed prior to June 8, 2017.

Required book is Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.  Bring your own, or I will provide you a book for $15.

Abundance Exchange

The abundance exchange is $260 ($240) cash for each of the three months of the program.

I choose not to require contracts for Crystal-Rose programs, preferring to operate from a higher consciousness and trusting each person to be true to their agreements with me and, more importantly, the agreements they make with their Soul-self and Higher-self in their ceremony.

That said, due to the nature of this program, participants will provide three post-dated checks for enrollment into the program. These checks, each in the amount of $260, shall be dated June 8, 2017; July 1, 2017; and August 1, 2017, and will be deposited on those days. The abundance exchange for cash payments is $240 per month for a total of $720 due with your application.


Crystal-Rose offers scholarships (discounted tuition) and trade opportunities for those with economic challenges. You may contact Crystal-Rose for a scholarship/trade application. The deadline for submitting your application for a scholarship is May 15, 2017.

Message from Traci

The Spiritual Agreements Program is a profound program, and I can honestly say I have seen the most changes in students from this program above all others. I have also observed that those fully committed to the embodiment of their Mastery enroll in this program time after time.

The Spiritual Agreements program works from the "inside out" as opposed to the "outside in," which is how most of our spiritual education and knowledge has worked to this point - involving the mind or ego (the outside). The Spiritual Agreements Program is designed to simply bypass the mind. Working from the inside out, we bring the wisdom and knowledge we cultivate each night in our dreamtime directly into our embodiment, without filtering through the obstacle course of cognitive dissonance the mind creates. What is beautiful about this program is that the changes just happen - there is no effort, no struggle - change just happens. Embodiment just happens. Ease just happens. Mastery just happens.

This program is for those fully committed to embodying your Mastery. I whole-Heartedly welcome you to this program. May you be blessed on your journey.
~ Traci