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Program Overview

Given the current energies and the intensification of these energies over the next year, many people are choosing to return Home. From family members, friends, and beloved pets, to clients, celebrities, and world leaders, many are leaving and will be leaving in the year ahead.

The way in which a soul transitions is extremely important - more important than we can possibly imagine - and Cosmic Law states that the energy in which one leaves the body determines the energy in which one returns to the body in their next lifetime. In other words, if we leave the body in peace and joy, we return into our next life in peace and joy. If we leave the body in suffering, resistance, or punishment (the belief we have sinned), then we will return in our next lifetime in that same state.

In this series, we will learn what the Soul goes through during its transition into life as well as out of life through the death portal. We will journey through the death process so we can each experience it and release any fear around the transition experience and also gain understanding and soul perspective. Then we will learn how to use this information to help others - friends, family, and pets to transition in the highest light possible.

If you are considering being a hands-on-healer or any type of transitional or hospice work, then this series is for you. Or if you simply want to be the best Lightworker you can be, and be Present for those in your life who are going through this process, then this series is also for you.

This information and the ability to assist in this critical process has the potential to elevate the collective consciousness and advance all of Humanity and Earth herself. There is a great need for Transition workers "in the field" and I invite each of you to this series.

You do not have to earn your living doing Transition work, but you may "feel the call" and be placed in the exact place and time, to help some of those many souls return Home. Helping a soul transition the right way is more important than you can imagine.

This Program is two months in duration, with a third month added for those who have graduated from the Crystal-Rose Hands-on-Healing Program. Classes are weekly, from 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm and meet on the following dates:  March 9, 16, 13, April 6, 13, 20, and May 4, 11, and 18, 2017.

Enrollment Requirements

To be accepted into the program participants must:

  • Perform a personal ceremony (including your Soul-self and Higher-self in this ceremony) committing to the duration of the series and becoming clear about your intentions. Let me be clear, you are making this commitment to your Higher Self.
  • Provide a short summary to Crystal-Rose listing personal intentions for the program and expressing personal commitment to the program.
  • Provide abundance exchange.

Deadline for submittal of enrollment requirements is February 22, 2017.

After acceptance into the program, participants will be provided with a meditation to assist in clarifying and anchoring their intentions. This should be performed prior to March 9, 2017.

Abundance Exchange

The abundance exchange is $160 ($150 cash) for each of the three months of the program if you are currently enrolled in the Crystal-Rose Clairvoyant Program.  If you are not in the Clairvoyant Program, please see ** below.

I choose not to require contracts for Crystal-Rose programs, preferring to operate from a higher consciousness and trusting each person to be true to their agreements with me and, more importantly, the agreements they make with their Soul-self and Higher-self in their ceremony.

That said, due to the nature of this program, participants will provide three post-dated checks for enrollment into the program.  These checks, each in the amount of $160, shall be dated March 9, April 1, and May 1, 2017, and will be deposited on those days.  The abundance exchange for cash payments is $150 per month for a total of $450 due with your application.

**For those not currently enrolled in the Clairvoyant Program, the abundance exchange is $240 ($220) for each of the three months of the program.


Location: 210 Vallejo Street, Suite C, Petaluma (Map & Directions).