Sundays, July 8, 15, and 22, from 1 to 3 pm

This workshop teaches you about your intuitive abilities and how to make them work for you by changing energy patterns in a positive and uplifting way.  These skills are useful and help us maintain good separations and boundaries from the people around us who might be expressing negativity.  The help us to shift that negativity into something positive. 

In these classes, you will learn about your clairvoyance and your other intuitive gifts, and you will learn tools such as grounding, setting boundaries, clearing yourself of negative energies, making choices in alignment with your path, manifesting your desires, and finding your own truth.  You will learn how to clear old emotional patterns and be more neutral (less dramatic and reactive) to the negative energies around you. 

Open to beginners and those with meditation experience (all meditation practices are welcome to learn these tools).  This workshop series stands alone and is also a mandatory prerequisite for the Crystal-Rose Clairvoyant Training Program which begins in February 2019.  It is also a mandatory prerequisite for the Crystal-Rose Distance Healing Program which begins in November 2018.

Abundance exchange - $75 (includes all three classes).  Pre-registration recommended as space is limited. For more information, please contact.

* FREE reading upon completing this class. *


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