In your quiet moments, call out to me. Allow me to guide the Ray of pure Love energy from the Heart of Creator directly unto you. Allow this emanation of Love to dissolve your cares, your sorrows, and your fears. For you see, your Heart once burned brightly with the flame of your Essence, and it is my deepest pleasure to ignite this flame once again – that your Essence may burn brightly for all to see.
~Archangel Chamuel

Crystal-Rose: A Healing Sanctuary

The goal of this site is not to convince you to buy a product, take a class, or improve yourself in any way - for you see, you are already perfect. Yes. You read that correctly. You are already perfect. This site is simply to help you remember your perfection.


The mind chatter may get noisy and try to convince you of your imperfections, your flaws and your mistakes, but your angelic hosts would most kindly, and yet firmly, disagree. You are more than that – so much more – and it is now safe for you to begin to remember – to remember who you are and why you are here.


The energies on our beautiful planet are changing, and many are feeling a Divine discontent, a restlessness, a dissatisfaction with the events and activities that once provided satisfaction. Let us assure you, these feelings and experiences are quite normal when one begins the process of awakening and embarks upon the journey of remembering.


It is our deepest passion to assist and guide you in the process of remembering yourself, your purpose, and your role in bringing Heaven to Earth at this remarkable time.


Crystal-Rose is born of this passion. Crystal-Rose is a co-creation between the human, angelic, elemental, and natural realms. It has been called a school, a healing center, a community, and it is all of this and more. First and foremost, Crystal-Rose is a Sanctuary – a Sanctuary for your personal development, spiritual growth, and ascension.


So…if you feel inspired, please do take a few moments or longer to meander around Crystal-Rose. Your hosts are none other than the Archangels and Masters themselves, and they are most delighted to guide you should you be willing. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover the answer to a question, the solution to a problem, or the manifestation of a dream realized simply by aligning with the consciousness of Crystal-Rose.


We hope you enjoy Crystal-Rose. Thank you for visiting us.